Dentist Office Edgewood

Dentist Office of W. Brent Nash Serving Edgewood

Dentist-Office-Edgewood-WA A dental checkup does not always have to be alarmingly painful! At W. Brent Nash Dental Clinic, we ensure that all our patients are guided through the dental procedures with the utmost care and supervision by our well-trained staff at our family dentist office in Edgewood, WA.

With cutting edge equipment at our disposal, our family dentist office for Edgewood is ready to cater to any medical emergencies that should arise.

We offer our patients the most reasonable rates in the industry; a visit to our family dentist office of Edgewood will prove why we are an economical and safe bet, with services such as:

  • Outstanding oral hygiene services to clear your teeth from hardened plaque
  • Teeth whitening services
  • Laser services offered for the removal of lesions

Visit our cosmetic dentist clinic in Edgewood to enjoy a painless checkup.

Edgewood Area Family Dentist Office

Family-Dentist-Office-Edgewood-WA Our dental surgeons are happy to care for your entire family within our family dentist office in Edgewood. We understand the care involved in dealing with kids; the family dentist office for Edgewood residents offers your kids a pain-free environment.

Cavities can always create apprehension for you and your family; with our innovative methods and modern technologies, we can restore a tooth in the most painless process possible. Let us assist you and your family at our family dentist office in Edgewood by offering world-class services like:

  • Root canal treatment and continuous follow-ups post procedure
  • Painless tooth extraction with modernized equipment
  • Oral checkups and planning specialized for kids
  • Dental Insurance and Care Credit plans offered for convenient payments

We ensure that you and your family leave our facility with a brighter smile!

Cosmetic Dentist Serving the Edgewood Area

Cosmetic-Dentist-Edgewood-WA Modern dentistry can involve a cosmetic dentist enhancing facial features of an individual. Our cosmetic dentist will assess your requirements and walk you through the planning process for the required procedures.

When our cosmetic dentist finishes with the Treatment planning, you can pick a date for the appointment to have your services fulfilled. Some of our premium cosmetic services include:

  • Realigning flawed or crooked teeth
  • Braces and Invisalign procedures to straighten teeth
  • Porcelain restoration for cavities

Receive your million-dollar smile with our cosmetic dentist services located in Edgewood!

At W. Brent Nash Dental Clinic, you can expect one of the finest dental care services for you and your family in Edgewood. For appointments and information, contact us at (253) 299-9211.