Dentist Office Milton

Milton Dentist Office

dentist-office-milton-waThe American Dental Association recommends at least one dental check-up every six months. Our family dentist office near Milton, WA aims at providing you with one of the best dental experiences at reasonable rates.

As a part of the dental check-up and preventive care, the family dentist office for Milton residents offers several services, such as:

  • Examining your teeth, gums and tongue
  • Conducting X-rays for in-depth analysis
  • Cleaning of tartar
  • Flossing and polishing
  • Checking your jaws and lymph-nodes

Regular cleaning sessions are recommended by our family dentist office near Milton to eliminate plaque and calcium deposits. These deposits are scraped off with care using advanced tools at our clinic.

Milton Family Dentist Office

family-dentist-office-milton-waOur family dentist office near Milton provides a wide range of preventive as well as therapeutic services for looking after the dental health of your entire family.

We cover people of all age groups at extremely affordable rates. Postponing your visits to the dental clinic and ignoring preventive measures prescribed, can cause an oral infection, which can lead to other complications such as:

  • Cardiac complications
  • Low birth weight
  • Inflammatory diseases like arthritis and ulcers
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Bacterial pneumonia

Since prevention is always better than cure, our clinic in Milton focuses on routine care for alleviating all your dental worries.

Milton Cosmetic Dentist

cosmetic-dentist-milton-waCosmetic dentistry service at our clinic near Milton is not just about enhancing your beauty. Our cosmetic dentist services for the Milton area provide permanent remedies for a host of dental problems, starting with unsightly stains on the surface of your teeth, to the visible signs of decay or damage.

We offer multiple techniques used by our cosmetic dentist for resolving these issues, such as:

  • Orthodontic treatment
  • Bleaching
  • Cosmetic contouring
  • Titanium implants
  • Adhesive bridges

Milton residents need not be intimidated by the thought of time-consuming, painful procedures. Our cosmetic dentist services provide you with a list of options to select from, depending on your comfort level.

Also, after treatment, you need to make sure to follow the guidelines of our cosmetic dentist.

At W. Brent Nash, DDS, we are more than glad to assist you with the maintenance of your oral health, anytime. For further inquiries, feel free to give us a call at (253) 299-9211.