Dentures & Partial Dentures

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The plain and simple fact is that dentures, and sometimes partial dentures, are the best solution for someone who has lost all or nearly all of their teeth.

Commonly this happens because of poor oral health care resulting in tooth decay, easily preventable with the help of your dentist, but other causes can be malnutrition and drug use among other things.

Even genetic problems can enter the picture. Or an accident.

If you have lost some teeth but are committed to working with your dentist to save the others, your dentist may recommend a partial denture.

Both of these are healthier for you in many ways than just leaving the gap open.

And a lot healthier than wood, animal teeth, and early porcelain tooth substitutes made before dentistry became its own medical practice.

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The decision you and your dentist make to fabricate dentures for you doesn’t mean you’ll have them overnight. The process will start with a first impression of your mouth to get the general curvatures of your own mouth recorded on a stone model

If you have not lost all of your teeth but are having the remaining teeth pulled for complete dentures, you will need to wait until the healing from the extractions has begun.

The second impression will be made with the first one as a model to create a second, ad more detailed, impression tray and will obtain the nuances of your individual jaws.

Today’s dentures are made of acrylic material and both colors and shapes will look very natural in your mouth and when you smile.

There are both heat cured and cold cured dentures, but your dentist will guide you in selecting the right one for you and your circumstances.

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Partial dentures are perfect if you have most of your teeth and they are deemed by your dentist likely to remain healthy. The partial denture will look natural and will be mounted on a post in your jaw.

This will help prevent the movement of teeth within your jaw which can lead to various problems, both cosmetic and medical, if left unchecked.

Implants can be used instead of dentures but at a higher cost.

Whichever way you and your dentist choose to replace lost teeth it will improve your self confidence, your smile and your health