Periodontal Dentistry – Auburn

Auburn Gum Disease


Dental health not only involves keeping your teeth clean and decay-free, but also includes gum health as well. If you are suffering from any type of disease of the gums, you will need an expert dentist to treat it.

Brent Nash, DDS is an experienced dentist who has been providing reliable gum disease treatment for Auburn, WA patients for a long time. As a reputed and recommended dentist, Dr. Brent recommends that you make an appointment when you notice any of the following gum disease symptoms:

  • Gum tenderness
  • Discomfort
  • Bleeding
  • Loose teeth

Regular examination and subsequent gum disease treatment will make sure you don't deal with these problems anymore. However, you must remember that any dental procedure or process involving the gums takes two to three sessions to complete.

That's why you must not miss the sessions and visit the clinic for each scheduled treatment.

Auburn Gum Disease Treatment


The process of gum disease treatment followed by our dentist depends upon the extent and complexity of the problem. As an established and experienced dentist serving Auburn patients for a long time, we understand that any type of teeth or periodontal disease can cause discomfort.

That's why we make sure that you get some relief after each session of gum disease treatment. Our dentist might follow any or all of the following processes for gum disease treatment in Auburn:

  • Periodontal scaling
  • Root planing
  • Gum graft
  • Laser treatment

Equipped with the best quality equipment and latest techniques, our dentists ensure that your periodontal disease is completely treated. If you are concerned about the cost of the treatment of the periodontal disease, then you can rest easy because we charge reasonably.

Auburn Periodontal Disease


Catching any problem early is the best way to prevent any problem from getting worse. The same rule applies to periodontal disease. If you take regular checkups at the clinic, you will be saved from any future problems - and we can treat problems that arise much faster.

We have been providing periodontal disease treatment for Auburn patients for a long time. When you come to us for regular checkups or to treat a specific problem, we will check your mouth for:

  • Receding gums
  • Exposed teeth roots
  • Bleeding from the gums

You can rely on us as we provide expert periodontal disease treatment for Auburn patients. If you have any questions about periodontal disease, don't hesitate to call us.

Feel free to call Brent Nash, DDS at (253) 299-9211 for any dental problems or questions about gum disease in Auburn.