Periodontal Dentistry – Orting

Orting Gum Disease


Are you looking for a competent dentist offering effective gum disease treatment for Orting, WA residents? Your search ends at the Dental Office of Brent Nash DDS! We are one of the most trusted sources in this area for procedures and treatment to eradicate periodontal infections.

Gum or periodontal disease is a serious bacterial infection. Acting as a silent disease, it can drastically damage the gums as well as the bone supporting the teeth if gum disease treatment is delayed.

Untreated periodontal disease can make Orting patients suffer several other major health complications like heart disease, diabetes, stroke, dementia and even some cancers. The disease typically progresses through three stages:

  • Gingivitis
  • Periodontitis
  • Acute periodontitis

Our dentist can help you get a better understanding of gum problems, address your concerns regarding periodontics and provide you with the necessary gum disease treatment.

Orting Gum Disease Treatment


We offer non-surgical as well as surgical therapy for gum disease treatment for our Orting patients. The services offered by our dentist for treating periodontal issues vary from patient to patient, depending on the severity of the condition each client is in.

In the early stages, we treat periodontal disease with scaling and oral cleaning. Advanced issues are treated through root planning, gum grafts, laser treatment and tissue/bone grafts.

No matter what gum disease treatment you receive from us, we assure Orting residents of:

  • Personalized, courteous attention
  • A relaxed atmosphere at the clinic
  • Accurate tests, diagnosis and cure
  • Affordable periodontal treatment cost
  • Timely and appropriate follow-up care

Orting Periodontal Disease


It is best to get periodontal disease treatment in the earliest stages of the infection. Waste no time scheduling a visit to our dental office if your oral hygienist recently found signs of periodontal disease during a routine checkup, or if he or she recommends that you consult an experienced periodontist.

You must also get in touch with us without delay if you experience any of the following periodontal disease symptoms:

  • Ongoing bad breath despite proper oral cleaning
  • Unexplained bleeding while eating or brushing teeth
  • Gum recession and loose teeth
  • Painful chewing or swallowing
  • Reddish patches inside the mouth

Ignoring these signs and delaying treatment of periodontal disease may cost many Orting residents more than a few extra bucks - it can risk your health, too! Contact us for gum disease treatment before things get worse.

Want to talk to Brent Nash DDS about periodontal disease? Orting residents like you are welcome to schedule an appointment by calling (253) 299-9211.