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Although many of the dental problems of children may be the same as those of adults, early oral health care can have a huge impact on the child’s future.

We call the first teeth the “baby teeth” and your dentist should see your child while they are still intact. It is recommended that they are seen by their first birthday as their first teeth will have erupted by then.

These teeth are there for a purpose, holding space for the permanent teeth.

Kids can learn early that taking care of their teeth is important when they visit a dentist.

Dr. Nash has raised two children and understands the special needs of smaller children and how they should be approached.

By learning at an early age to be comfortable with their dentist and how to brush they will have a jump start to future dental health.

The earlier they learn healthy dental habits, and why they are doing them, the more likely they will be to incorporate them in their daily life. Meeting the dentist and the hygienist will make them feel more confident about future visits.

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Growing children means permanent teeth and keeping those healthy will make their future dental needs much easier.

Their dentist can not only keep an eye on the teeth and head off possible problems but can educate them as to the importance of frequent teeth cleaning and other preventative measures.

More than just brushing, they can begin to floss and there are even special rinses for them. Fluoride treatments may be suggested too.

Children can become sensitive about their teeth as they mature and the better they look the more confident they feel.

(Impeccable care will also be easier on your pocketbook!)Orthodontia may have to be faced and cavities can begin if they are consuming a lot of sugary foods and drinks.

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By adolescence, children may develop poor habits. Many tend to have poor nutrition—at least while away from their parents—and are at an age where they can lose teeth in, for example, contact sports.

It is important for them to see the dentist regularly for both cleaning and advice concerning things that can harm their teeth like alcohol and tobacco which can stain.

A beautiful smile is their best accessory!