Kids Dentistry Graham

Graham Pediatric Dentist


Since 2008, W. Brent Nash, DDS Cosmetic & Family Dentistry had been the preferred choice of Graham, WA, residents when they need a pediatric dentist or kids dentist. We are a well-equipped clinic with knowledgeable pediatric dentist staff to conduct your kid’s thorough dental health checkup. Our pediatric dentist serving the Graham area knows how to communicate with children in order to educate them about dentistry for children and teach them the benefits of proper dental care.

Children face the same dental problems as adults. But if you want your child to have a good dental health in the future, then it is recommended to visit a kids dentist regularly. By visiting our pediatric dentist in Graham regularly, your children will be aware of the value of dental care.

  • A pediatric dentist will teach your kids the proper techniques of brushing
  • By seeing a pediatric dentist you child will be aware of dentistry for children
  • Kids should be taken to a pediatric dentist from 1 year age.
  • A pediatric dentist can take care of their erupting teeth

Graham Dentistry for Children


Parents should know that dentistry for children in the Graham region protects children from the consequences of many bad habits. Parents apprehensive about their child's dental health can come to us for dental care guidance and dentistry for children services. Knowledge of dentistry for children from our pediatric dentist staff helps children to learn about the ill effects of bad habits like smoking or drinking from the perspective of their general and dental health.

  • Dentistry for children helps parents to choose proper nutritional foods
  • Regular checkups in dentistry for children keeps them safe
  • Dentistry for children ensures that your kid is aware of oral hygiene

Graham Kids Dentist


We are one of the best kids dentist in the Graham area. People choose us because we have the best kid dentist staff in our team with great knowledge. Our kids dentist has the ability to teach parents and children about the various important facts of dental health.

  • Our kids dentist let your children learn the ways of flossing
  • The kids dentist also teach the kids to learn the art of special rinses
  • Our kids dentist are experts in preventing many oral problems
  • A kids dentist will teach your kids that proper dental care will make them beautiful

Graham residents should call W. Brent Nash, DDS Cosmetic & Family Dentistry at (253) 299-9211 for getting the consultation from the best kids dentist. Our pediatric dentist has immense experience in dentistry for children.