Kids Dentistry Milton

Milton Pediatric Dentist


A visit to the kids dentist should be healthful and stress-free for the children and their parents. Sadly, it is not always so. Trips to the dentist tend to make patients of all ages apprehensive, more so, small children.

However, the children in Milton, WA and their parents have no such fear. That is because they have W. Brent Nash, DDS as their pediatric dentist! We are a reputable dentist, member of the American Dental Association and the Pierce County Dental Society.

Providing complete dentistry for children in the region since 2008, we are the experienced pediatric dentist that Milton residents can trust for quality dental care delivered in a compassionate and pleasant way.

Visits to our pediatric dentist make Milton kids as well as their moms & dads feel:

  • Completely at ease
  • Satisfied with the attention they receive
  • Confident about their future visits to the pediatric dentist

Milton Dentistry for Children


For kids to adopt healthy dental habits, it is important that their parents educate them about dentistry for children at an early age. It is possible only when there is high awareness regarding dentistry for children among Milton parents themselves.

We consider it a part of our services as a pediatric dentist to spread knowledge about dentistry for children in Milton. Striving to make visits to our kids dentist enjoyable and educational, we patiently address all concerns regarding dentistry for children of our Milton patients.

Good dentistry for children in Milton is essential to help them enjoy healthy teeth and confident smiles for a lifetime. We advise Milton parents to:

  • Take dentistry for children seriously
  • Visit the kids dentist when your children get about 1-year old
  • Ensure that your kids visit the pediatric dentist on a regular basis

Milton Kids Dentist


A capable, caring kids dentist in the Milton area goes a long way in in developing good dental habits in children at an early age. Choose the right kids dentist to ensure that your kids forget their dental anxieties and start maintaining oral hygiene at all times.

We are the kids dentist near Milton to whom you can bring your loved ones for:

  • Excellent dental care
  • Child-friendly dental services
  • Correct dentistry advice

Whether a child needs routine dental services or emergency dental treatment, we are the kids dentist that Milton families should visit.

Milton residents can call W. Brent Nash, DDS at (253) 299-9211 to schedule a consultation with a pediatric dentist.