Kids Dentistry Orting

Orting Pediatric Dentist


The residents of Orting, WA looking for a qualified and well-respected pediatric dentist would do well to contact W. Brent Nash, DDS. We have been serving as a pediatric dentist for the Orting community since 2008, offering comprehensive dental services for small kids and adolescents in a relaxed, child-friendly environment.

The services that our pediatric dentist offers to Orting residents include:

  • Regular dental check ups
  • Teeth cleanings
  • Emergency dental care
  • Orthodontic treatments
  • Restorative dentistry for children

We take pride in being well known as a compassionate pediatric dentist in for the Orting area and beyond. The excellent standing comes from the unique approach of our kids dentist in treating every child as an individual, providing him/her customized dental care and making the dental experience pleasant and educational for the child.

Orting Dentistry for Children


Dentistry for children should be a top priority for Orting parents. They should know that healthy dentistry for children starts at their Orting home, but it has to be supplemented with regular visits to a kids dentist.

It is not necessary to wait for all the teeth to erupt before one starts focusing on dentistry for children in the Orting area. In fact, the first visit to a pediatric dentist should happen when the youngster is about a year old.

Come to us for quality dentistry for children in the Orting area. We meet the changing needs for dentistry for children as they grow and:

  • Make them comfortable being around a dentist or oral hygienist
  • Educate them about the right dental care and healthy dietary habits
  • Give them a beautiful smile that increases their confidence
  • Help them use their natural teeth efficiently for a long time to come

Orting Kids Dentist


Coming to our kids dentist assures Orting residents of top-notch dental and orthodontic care for their children. However, that is not the only reason why we are the most preferred kids dentist in the Orting area.

With our pediatric dentist, parents also find the easy accessibility and personal commitment they desire for meeting the dental needs of their kids. Moreover, choosing our kids dentist offers Orting residents:

  • Convenience of complete dentistry for children in one location
  • Flexible scheduling of consultation with kids dentist
  • Phones answered by competent, polite personnel
  • Availability of kids dentist on weekends for emergency services

Looking for an expert, caring pediatric dentist in the Orting area? Visit W. Brent Nash, DDS Call (253) 299-9211.