Kids Dentistry – South Hill

South Hill Pediatric Dentist


The residents of South Hill, WA who need a pediatric dentist that they can rely on for maintaining excellent dental health of their beloved children should visit the clinic of W. Brent Nash, DDS.

Our pediatric dentist has been taking care of children's dental health in the South Hill community since 2008. We offer superior services in orthodontics and pediatric dentistry. We, as specialists in pediatric dentistry, offer tips and regimes for all aspects of dentistry for children, such as oral care advice, teeth cleaning and more. All the services are provided:

  • In a child-friendly environment
  • By a highly knowledgeable and skilled kids dentist
  • With a caring personal touch

We take pride in our reputation as an ethical and gentle pediatric dentist that South Hill children love and their parents trust. Our pediatric dentist works with South Hill children of all ages and meets all their dental needs without stressing them out.

South Hill Dentistry for Children


We believe that our responsibilities as a pediatric dentist include improving the knowledge about dentistry for children of South Hill parents. People often rush to a kids dentist only when their child experiences some dental problem. They should know that early care of dentistry for children in South Hill can spare the kids a lot of agony.

Visits to the kids dentist ought to start when the child is about one year old. This is an essential requirement in proper dentistry for children in South Hill as it helps in knowing whether the dental development in the child is normal or not.

Thereafter, regular trips for routine check-ups help the children:

  • Get over their dread of a pediatric dentist
  • Learn why good oral hygiene is necessary
  • Develop healthy dentistry and nutritional habits

South Hill Kids Dentist


Our hard work and commitment to providing excellence in dentistry for children has helped us become a trusted kids dentist in the South Hill area. Our pediatric dentist is a member of respected organizations such as the American Dental association and the Pierce County Dental Society.

We have extensive experience in dentistry for children which has increased our capabilities considerably. We are a kids dentist that South Hill residents can count on for:

  • Honest and accurate dental advice
  • Top-notch services for routine dental needs
  • Lasting solutions in emergency dental treatments

Choosing us as their kids dentist assures South Hill residents of the finest dental services possible for their children.

Searching for a competent and kind kids dentist in the South Hill community? Visit W. Brent Nash, DDS. Call (253) 299-9211.