Kids Dentistry – Sumner

Sumner Pediatric Dentist


Most people in Sumner, WA will agree that their children feel uneasy while visiting the kids dentist. We, at the clinic of W. Brent Nash, DDS believe that it does not have to be so!

We offer a pediatric dentist that Sumner residents can trust for accurate and professional, yet child-friendly dental services.

Ever since our pediatric dentist started serving the Sumner community in 2008, he has focused on delivering top-notch dental services in a gentle, compassionate manner. Our kids dentist offers all types of services related to dentistry for children of every age and is an expert at putting his young patients at ease.

Visiting our pediatric dentist by Sumner children is sure to:

  • Stop their toothaches and resolve other dental problems
  • Improve their knowledge about oral healthcare
  • Be a stress-free, pleasant experience for them

Sumner Dentistry for Children


Lack of awareness about dentistry for children among some Sumner parents results in poor dental health of their kids. Parents should inculcate good dental habits in their kids and teach them about dentistry for children early on. For that, it is important that they themselves have proper knowledge about dentistry for children. We can help.

As a responsible pediatric dentist, we strive to promote healthy dentistry for children in Sumner by educating their parents about its importance. We advise that they should:

  • Get dental growth of kids reviewed at the age of one by a kids dentist
  • Take the kids for routine visits to pediatric dentist, thereafter
  • Make sure their children practice good dental and dietary habits

Focus on proper dentistry for children by Sumner parents will keep the ‘apple of their eye’ always free from dental issues.

Sumner Kids Dentist


People looking for a well-qualified, highly-reputed kids dentist in the Sumner area would do well to come to us. Our pediatric dentist is a member of the American Dental Association and the Pierce County Dental Society.

We are reputed as a capable and caring kids dentist throughout the Sumner community. Some other factors why choosing us as their kids dentist is a good decision for Sumner residents are that we:

  • Are flexible in scheduling consultation with the pediatric dentist
  • Treat every patient, however small, as a respected individual
  • Ensure a relaxed ambiance at the dental clinic
  • Provide quality dentistry for children at an affordable fee

Sumner residents in need of a reliable kids dentist should visit W. Brent Nash, DDS. Call (253) 299-9211.