Teeth Implants Edgewood

Edgewood Teeth Implants


If you have been part of an incident that has cost you your teeth, you need not worry about your smile or bite anymore. Dr. W. Brent Nash offers his expertise in teeth implants and tooth replacement procedures to Edgewood, WA area residents.

With the help of denture implants, Edgewood area residents can now have a permanent replacement to fill the broken or fallen tooth. Denture implants can now replace and correct the old bridges and dentures that restrict chewing and speech.

The advantages of denture implants for tooth replacement in the Edgewood area include:

  • Maintaining your smile
  • Enhancing your bite
  • Offering the same colored replacement
  • Providing a lifetime solution

Once added, your teeth implants need not be removed for any purpose whatsoever. Your jaw bone eventually accepts the teeth implants used for tooth replacement and treats it like an original tooth. Your denture implants thus camouflage with the rest of your teeth.

Edgewood Denture Implants


Besides adding to the aesthetics, your Edgewood area denture implants restrict the dislodging and uneven extension of teeth surrounding the gap. Sans the problem of bridges, your Edgewood area denture implants act as the least problematic tooth replacement solution.

Dr. Nash ensures that the teeth implants he uses for your tooth replacement procedure in the Edgewood area is of the finest quality. He makes sure all teeth implants are of the right:

  • Color
  • Size
  • Texture
  • Material

Also, all the denture implants for tooth replacement in the Edgewood area come with quality titanium screws and corks for a stable and irremovable fit. In order to do so, your dentist will take an impression of your teeth to ensure that the teeth implants come in the right size.

Edgewood Tooth Replacement


Dr. W. Brent Nash has been fixing teeth implants and providing tooth replacement procedures for Edgewood area residents since 1991. He is a highly revered and recommended dentist for denture implants among a number of satisfied Edgewood area patients.

Also, our team consists of tooth replacement specialists who have had an average experience of 15 years in Edgewood area teeth implants. Alongside quality denture implants, we bring with us:

  • Expertise and experience
  • State of the art equipment
  • Latest and safest techniques
  • Reasonable pricing

All of our teeth implants and services are appropriately priced to ensure that your tooth replacement only enhances your smile.

Get your denture implants today. Call us in the Edgewood area at (253) 299-9211.