Teeth Implants Fife

Fife Teeth Implants


Need teeth implants in the Fife, WA area? Schedule a visit to Brent Nash, DDS. Denture implants have been considered the best method for replacing missing teeth since the 1950s, when researchers found that bone could adhere to and grow around titanium.

Today, teeth implants are a more popular alternative for replacing missing teeth than bridges and removable dentures. Titanium dental implants resemble a screw, and mimic the surface of a root. Nearly all of our patients who receive the procedure are thrilled to see their before and after comparisons.

We provide tooth replacement for any Fife patient through our teeth implants procedure, which involves:

  • Creating a small hole in the jaw to position the implant
  • Securing the implant to the jawbone after two or three months
  • Taking an impression of your teeth to determine the correct tooth size
  • Fitting your new tooth into the empty space

Fife Denture Implants


Denture implants offer our Fife patients a number of benefits. While denture implants may cost more initially, this tooth replacement procedure is now recognized as the most economical way to replace missing teeth with the long term results.

We make sure that the color of our implants matches your existing teeth, allowing you to smile without revealing any evidence of a procedure. Denture implants also bring our patients freedom from the hassle of removal and cleaning of traditional dentures.

Other benefits to receiving denture implants from our highly knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced dentist include:

  • Teeth implants that become part of the jaw
  • No more tooth decay
  • Teeth implants that cost less in the long run

Fife Tooth Replacement


There may be several clinics offering tooth replacement services in the Fife area, but you should take the time to find the one that is committed to fulfilling your individual needs and aims to provide personalized oral care in line with your precise requirements. We are one of the best options you have for tooth replacement services.

We prioritize your health and guarantee satisfaction from your artificial teeth. To make the tooth replacement procedure exceedingly comfortable for you, we serve you with a:

  • Highly qualified dentist
  • Comfortable, well-appointed dental office
  • Well-trained and friendly staff

To schedule an appointment with Brent Nash, DDS for denture implants, Fife residents should place a call at (253) 299-9211. We strive to make every tooth replacement experience positive.