Teeth Implants Lakeland Hills

Lakeland Hills Teeth Implants


Comfort, trust and value for the money are what Lakeland Hills, WA area patients consider in choosing a dentist. With Dr. W. Brent Nash, DDS, rest assured that you’re in good hands.

Denture implants are common dental procedures, especially for older people. At some point in our life, we tend to lose a tooth that will surely bother you if left unaddressed. Thus, we look for affordable tooth replacement services that won’t drain your wallet.

Teeth implants are more convenient because:

  • Teeth implants last for a lifetime
  • Unnoticeable and complements existing teeth
  • Teeth implants procedures are guaranteed to be 100% safe and effective

Teeth implants are favored in tooth replacement since it can be fitted perfectly. We assure Lakeland Hills area patients that denture implants function perfectly,like an original tooth.

Lakeland Hills Denture Implants


With Dr. Nash and his team, we’ll surely help our Lakeland Hills area patients through the whole journey of attaining that picture-perfect smile. Denture implants are helpful since:

  • Denture implants help you smile more confidently
  • Replaces missing teeth that last for a lifetime
  • Denture implants help you chew, swallow and digest food easily

Tooth replacement such as denture implants or teeth implants helps reduce your chances of developing other health-related diseases. We’d want nothing more than a healthy Lakeland Hills area community.

Lakeland Hills Tooth Replacement


Tooth replacement is better performed with dentists you fully trust in the Lakeland Hills area. With proper tools, knowledge and support, tooth replacement will be a simple hurdle to get that perfect set of teeth. Why choose us for tooth replacement?

  • Treats Lakeland Hills area patients like a family
  • Reasonable pricing on teeth implants and other tooth replacement services
  • Several payment options for teeth implants
  • Expertise in denture implants

Teeth implants do not need to be a problem financially. With Dr. Nash, we accommodate several insurance plans to cover your denture implants needs among others.

Aside from teeth implants, we also provide other cosmetic procedures for our Lakeland Hills area patients. Visit us at sumnerwadentist.com/ to get more resources ontooth replacement such as denture implants services.

For more information on denture implants or on other tooth replacement procedures in the Lakeland Hills area, don’t hesitate to reach us at (253) 299-9211 or visit us on Fryar Ave., Sumner, WA. We’ll be more than willing to take you through the whole process of teeth implants and other services. Book your tooth replacement appointment now!