Teeth Extractions Auburn

Auburn Wisdom Teeth Extractions


Experiencing problems due to your wisdom teeth? Looking for a dentist in the Auburn, WA area who can help you feel better? Call Brent Nash DDS.

At our dental clinic, we perform wisdom teeth extractions for patients having problems with their wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth can cause pain for a variety of reasons including teeth crowding in the mouth or discomfort due to partially erupted or sideways grown wisdom tooth.

We also perform wisdom teeth extractions to remove infected and decayed teeth.

Though everyone does not have wisdom teeth, some people may even grow four of these. Often, the mouth cannot accommodate wisdom teeth causing pain and discomfort and they must be removed. Sometimes, tooth extractions are needed if the hard-to-reach-and-clean wisdom teeth develop cavities.

When you need to see us for wisdom teeth extractions Auburn residents turn to Brent Nash DDS. When you come to our clinic we provide:

  • A promptly-scheduled appointment
  • Personalized and compassionate attention
  • Fast and painless tooth removal
  • Hassle-free wisdom teeth extraction recovery


Auburn Tooth Extractions


Dr. Nash also performs extractions for teeth other than the wisdom teeth. We believe that our primary job as a dentist is to help our patients keep their teeth in good health and save them from damage.

However, tooth extractions become necessary in certain situations, such as when a tooth becomes badly decayed, has severe periodontal disease or suffers serious trauma.

At such times, we strive to offer a stress-free experience with tooth extractions for our Auburn patients. Our dentist works systematically to ensure smooth, comfortable and safe tooth extractions.

The tooth extractions at our clinic involve:

  • Taking X-ray of the affected tooth
  • Reviewing the X-ray to identify potential issues
  • Application of local/general anesthetic
  • Gentle tooth removal with minimal tooth extraction bleeding
  • Gauze application and a few stitches (if required)

Auburn Dentist


Almost everybody, children and adults, dread a visit to the dentist. We understand this and do everything possible to put all those who come to us for tooth extractions at ease.

With Dr. Nash, Auburn residents can relax, knowing that they are in competent and caring hands. When choosing us as the dentist for regular and wisdom teeth extractions it means:

  • Receiving the best possible dental service
  • Affordable dental care
  • Being treated in a comfortable and hygienic environment

To schedule a visit for regular dental care or wisdom teeth extractions, Auburn residents should call the office of Brent Nash DDS at (253) 299-9211.