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South Hill Wisdom Teeth Extractions


Wisdom teeth extractions are necessary when the teeth do not have enough room in the mouth to grow.

The following symptoms may indicate the need for wisdom teeth extractions in South Hill, WA.

  • Pain or discomfort
  • Swollen face or gum line
  • Infection in the mouth

Timely wisdom teeth extractions are important to avoiding problems, such as an impacted tooth that damages the second molar.

At Brent Nash, DDS, we specialize in wisdom teeth extractions.

Thanks to the skills and knowledge of our dentist, South Hill patients can enjoy minimal discomfort and a quick recovery.

In cases both simple and complex, our dentist can provide wisdom teeth extractions that are easy and pain free.

South Hill Tooth Extractions


Wisdom tooth extractions can prevent a wide range of problems.

Some of the reasons you should seek dental advice regarding timely wisdom tooth extractions include:

  • Partially erupted tooth can allow bacteria to grow
  • The pressure from erupting tooth may move other teeth
  • An impacted tooth can cause tumors or cysts to form

Patients who are still developing wisdom teeth or who are experiencing pain from their eruption may benefit from wisdom tooth extractions.

Dr. Nash provides safe and effective wisdom tooth extractions to South Hill patients.

The goal of our dentist is to help patients maintain their comfort and dental well being.

Our dentist is very gentle and has many years of experience perform wisdom tooth extractions with efficiency and ease.

South Hill Dentist


We understand that visiting a dentist can be quite scary. Knowing the dentist, you are trusting your dental health to is properly qualified and experienced to give you the results you want will help alleviate that anxiety.

Be assured our dentist has the experience and expertise to provide the highest quality dental services to patients of all ages.

When you choose Dr. Nash, you choose the peace of mind that from start to finish you will enjoy an experience in a relaxed and comfortable environment. Our dentist and staff strive to provide a high standard of patient care at affordable rates.

Here are the reasons why we are the go-to dentist for South Hill area patients:

  • Compassionate and friendly staff
  • Cutting-edge dental equipment
  • Safe and efficient treatment
  • Focus on preventative dental care

To learn more about our wisdom tooth extraction procedures for South Hill patients, feel free to call Brent Nash, DDS at (253) 299-9211.