Dental Implants

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Although today dental implants are common, the first known one was discovered by archaeologists in a Mayan mandible where shells fragments were used. Fast forward to the 1950s and research began to show that bone could grow around and adhere to titanium.

This lead the way to the creation of dental implants that allow your dentist to secure everything from crowns to dentures firmly into your mouth.

Making your life a lot easier. In the past, if you lost a tooth, all your dentist could do was create a bridge or dentures. Today’s titanium implants resemble a screw, and mimic the surface of a tooth’s root.

The jawbone accepts the implant and it can support a wider selection of tooth replacement types, allowing your dentist to fit you with the perfect replacement.

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The securing of implants begins with your dentist surgically creating a small hole in the jaw in which to position the implant itself.

In most cases it can be done with a local anesthesia and takes two or three months for the implant to be secured to the jawbone.

(A newer procedure sometimes allows dentists to place the implant immediately into the hole left when a tooth is pulled, but this cannot always be done.)

After everything has healed, and the implant is completely secured to the bone, your dentist can begin the next stage which is taking the impression of your teeth in order to have the correct size for your new tooth.

Also important is having the correct bite. The new tooth, or crown, will be made from the impression and later fitted into the previously empty space. In some cases, a removable denture may be created.

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Your dentist will be able to match the color of the crown to your existing teeth, so your smile won’t give away the fact that you have had this surgery. If you have had dentures, implants can improve your life in many ways, not the least of which is that the arduous removal and cleaning process is eliminated.

Dentures that have slipped a bit in the past and caused slurring of speech or discomfort while eating will be bothering you no more. The success rate of implants is nearly 100% and can possibly last the rest of your lifetime!