Tooth Extractions

Sumner Tooth Extractions


Simply defined, a tooth extraction, or exodontia, is the removal of a tooth from its socket in the bone.

Dentists and oral surgeons perform tooth extractions that generally fall within two categories:

  • Simple extractions – performed on a tooth visible in the mouth
  • Surgical extractions – teeth broken off at gumline or not fully erupted

We perform bothtypes of tooth extractions in Sumner following significant effort to repair and restore the tooth.

A simple tooth extraction procedure involves numbing the tooth and the bone and gum tissue surrounding it, expanding or enlarging the socket, separating it from the ligament binding it in place, and freeing it for final extraction. Surgical tooth extractions are more complicated, requiring surgical procedures such as tooth sectioning, bone removal, or exposing the tooth by removing or lifting all or part of the gum tissue.

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Sumner Extraction


In addition to traditional or common procedures involving extraction in Sumner, we also use advanced technologies including laser dentistry.

Our use of dental lasers includes soft tissue procedures to make incisions in the gums and to stimulate post-extraction soft-tissue healing, and hard tissue lasers to cut through bone and teeth. Because it is minimally invasive, there is less pain and discomfort, and a shorter recovery time.

As you heal following traditional dental extractions, follow your dentist’s instructions for:

  • Bleeding – which is common following dental extractions
  • Pain management
  • Bruising and swelling
  • Exercise and strenuous activity
  • Beverage and food consumption
  • Cleaning your mouth
  • Use of tobacco products
  • Stitches

When a dental extraction cannot be avoided, we make sure the procedure is as painless as possible because your comfort is our first consideration!

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Sumner Dental Extraction


While we make every effort to repair and restore a tooth, there are times when too much damage has occurred, and a dental extraction in Sumner becomes necessary.

These are a few reasons for dental extractions:

  • Impacted wisdom teeth removal to eliminate potential problems
  • Supernumerary or extra teeth blocking other teeth from erupting
  • Mal-aligned or mal-positioned non-functioning teeth
  • Severe tooth damage – extensive decay, gum disease, or broken
  • Orthodontic treatment requiring additional space for teeth alignment
  • Removal of teeth in the field of head or neck radiation
  • Removal of infected teeth because of cancer drugs or chemotherapy

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