Dentures & Partial Dentures

Sumner Dentures


We can help restore your natural smile with a set of complete dentures, partial dentures or permanent dentures.

As removable replacements, or a removable prosthesis for all of your missing teeth within a jaw and surrounding tissue, complete dentures replace all of the teeth; whereas, partial dentures fill in spaces that are created by missing teeth with a dental appliance that helps restore or maintain the form and function of your jaw.

These are a few benefits of full or complete dentures in Sumner:

  • Use of fully functional teeth
  • Aesthetics
  • Reduce the potential of jaw problems such as TMJ
  • Highly functional
  • Provide support for facial muscles

Dentures are considered as a viable option for those who prefer not to undertake implant procedures.

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Sumner Partial Dentures


Partial dentures are an excellent option for filling in the space of missing teeth while some of the natural teeth are still in place.

We offer partial dentures in Sumner that are customized to the individual needs of each patient. They are designed to support remaining natural teeth, and to prevent natural teeth from shifting into the space or spaces left by tooth loss.

We have years of experience in both fixed and removable structures with treatment objectives that include:

  • Preservation of remaining teeth and supporting structures
  • Restoration of esthetics and phonetics
  • Improved mastication
  • Restoration of health, comfort and quality of life

Partial dentures provide a less-invasive option than other options for replacing missing teeth, and are an excellent solution when natural teeth are healthy.

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Sumner Permanent Dentures


When we speak of permanent dentures, we refer to dentures that are held in place by means of implants.

These are a few advantages of permanent dentures:

  • Restore loss of lip support
  • Minimize appearance of wrinkles or marionette lines
  • Allow freedom to eat what, where and when you want
  • Increased stability helps restore natural chewing capabilities
  • Preserve remaining bone and sustain facial structure integrity
  • Realistic appearance
  • No loosening or slipping
  • Strong bite and even distribution of biting force
  • Optimum comfort

While permanent dentures are robust and long-lasting, even implant-retained supported structures may require replacement at some point as the teeth wear down. However, the foundational screws generally last a lifetime.

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