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Taking Care of Dental Needs In Bonney Lake

People in and near Bonney Lake will find Dr. W. Brent Nash’s dental practice will excel in taking care of any teeth, gum or oral health issues.

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The four staff members at the dental office of W. Brent Nash have over 20 years average experience amongst them. Dr. Nash attended the University of Washington Dental School and has continued with continuing education to update his skills as new technology arrives.

His three assistants including a hygienist and two additional chairside helpers all have years in dental offices as well.

They coordinate like a family and take pride in their care and advice with their patients. If you are in or near Bonney Lake and are looking for a dental practice that can take care of everyone from toddlers to teens to dad and mom, you will appreciate the knowledge and competent service you will receive here.

Family Dentist Office near Bonney Lake


There are two parts to preventative care. First Dr. Nash and his staff will encourage you to come in twice a year so they may check any difficulties that may crop up in your mouth, and then they will complete the session with a cleaning that removes damaging plaque that could eventually lead to tooth decay, which in turn can lead to loss of teeth, gum disease and more.

During your appointment they will discuss how you are managing your oral health at home and make any suggestions to help you do even better, if necessary.

Feel free to ask any questions about such things as flossing, rinses, what type of toothbrush you should be using, and more as they want to help you have the healthiest mouth possible!

Cosmetic Dentist Serving Bonney Lake


Some people are unable to avoid certain problems in the mouth due to bad diet, genetics, and neglecting your teeth and gums. Many people in and near Bonney Lake have found Dr. Nash and his staff to be most helpful in restoration work such as:

Teeth Whitening, lasting much longer if done at the dentist’s office

traightening Teeth, via braces or the faster and easier Invisalign

Laser Services, for several different types of problems

Dental Implants, Dentures and Partial Dentures, as sometimes tooth loss is inevitable

Veneers, a long lasting way to keep your teeth attractive with a wafer-thin covering