Dentures – Puyallup

Puyallup Dentures


If you are a resident of the Puyallup area or surrounding areas and in need of a solution for tooth loss froma genetic predisposition or an accident,Dr. W. Brent Nash is the dental expert you should consult. No matter what the reason for your teeth loss, our dental experts will provide you with partial dentures or permanent dentures depending on your needs.

Permanent dentures or partial dentures are the perfect solution for someone who has lost all or most of their teeth and can be a more convenient solution for Puyallup area residents.

  • We work with you to find the most suitable solution for your teeth loss
  • Partial dentures recommended for persons who have lost some but not all teeth
  • Partial dentures and permanent dentures are both healthier teeth replacement solutions
  • We strive to have only satisfied Puyallup, WA area clients

Puyallup Partial Dentures


Puyallup area patients can choose different methods of teeth replacement based on the reasons for teeth loss and our dentists might suggest partial dentures or permanent dentures for persons who have lost some or all of their teeth.

When patients experience teeth loss, it is much healthier to use permanent dentures or partial dentures than to leave the gap open. Our dental practitioners will work with you to ensure satisfaction for all our Puyallup area clients.

  • Implants can be used instead of permanent dentures but at a higher cost
  • Our dental staff will work with all Puyallup area patients to ensure satisfaction
  • Partial dentures are ideal for persons with most of their teeth deemed to still be healthy
  • Our dentists work to ensure client comfort while getting their partial dentures

Puyallup Permanent Dentures


Our skilled practitioners work diligently to ensure our Puyallup area patients get the best quality permanent dentures possible. Depending on the level of decay or the structural integrity of the remaining teeth, we may suggest removing them for permanent dentures. If you and our dentist decide to fabricate permanent dentures for you, it doesn’t mean you will receive them instantly as the process will take some time.

  • At Dr. W. Brent Nash Dentistry, our permanent dentures are deemed one of the best
  • Partial dentures are also part of our dentistry expertise
  • Both methods of teeth replacement are healthier than other methods of teeth replacement