Dental Implants Puyallup

Puyallup Dental Implants


Are you searching for a trusted clinic for dental implants in Puyallup, WA? Then call the office of W. Brent Nash, DDS, to get reliable Puyallup dental implants under top professional care.

We truly believe a smile can set you free so we have dedicated ourselves to providing the best dental care that one can get. As an experienced dental office, we provide quality Puyallup dental implants using the latest technology and offer the highest level of comprehensive care. Call us today to learn more about Puyallup dental implants.

Our team is not only adept at helping you with quality Puyallup dental implants, but you can reach out to us for other dental services, including:

  • Teeth Veneers
  • Dental Cleanings
  • Invisalign treatment
  • Tooth Extraction

Call the office of W. Brent Nash, DDS, to get quality Puyallup dental implants at affordable rates!

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Puyallup Tooth Implant


A smile can truly bring out your personality, whereas a crooked or missing tooth can cause a lifetime of embarrassment. Get in touch with us today to get your confident smile back with a Puyallup tooth implant at our clinic.

We can help you get a pain-free Puyallup tooth implant at a reasonable cost using the latest and most reliable dental methods. We work with you to design the Puyallup tooth implant that matches the color of your teeth and sits perfectly in the gap. No one except us can tell that you had a Puyallup tooth implant done.

Apart from tooth implants, we also provide services such as:

  • Root canal therapy
  • Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Dental Cleanings
  • Full Dentures
  • Partial Dentures

Call W. Brent Nash, DDS, for a Puyallup tooth implant!

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Puyallup Denture Implants


Did you know that when you lose your teeth, you also tend to lose bone mass in your jaw? It is true! Losing teeth causes your jawbone to lose the stimulation it needs to maintain the mass.

So getting Puyallup denture implants not only makes you look great but also helps in bone stimulation and prevents bone loss as well. Also, Puyallup denture implants take away the need for removal and cleaning, as with traditional dentures.

We have helped many clients with Puyallup denture implants, and we are glad that they were more than happy with the results. So get in touch today to talk to our experts for more info.

Apart from Puyallup denture implants, we can help you with:

  • Kids Dentistry
  • Periodontal Dentistry
  • Teeth Extractions
  • Teeth Whitening

Call W. Brent Nash, DDS, for Puyallup denture implants!

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