Fife Dentures


Dentures are ideal for Fife, WA residents who have lost all - or nearly all - their teeth. A person may need artificial teeth thanks to tooth decay, certain diseases, or just poor oral health. There are many other factors, like accidents, genetics, drug use, and malnutrition, that can contribute to the need for artificial teeth.

Come to Brent Nash, DDS to get dentures, or even temporary dentures, if you need them. There are several types of dentures and our dentist will recommend the ones that suits your individual needs. Our permanent dentures are a frequent option, preferred by both doctors and patients as:

  • These artificial teeth look and feel natural
  • They do not move when you eat or talk
  • Bone loss in the jaw is prevented
  • They last a lifetime

Fife Partial Dentures


Missing teeth can have a number of adverse health consequences. When teeth are lost, the gums and bone are no longer stimulated, causing the jaw bone to shrink and your gums to recede. This can weaken healthy teeth, which will cause them to fail, as well. We offer partial dentures for Fife residents to help them overcome the difficulties created by their missing teeth.

Replacing lost teeth with partial dentures helps our patients:

  • Maintain their self-confidence
  • Chew and enjoy all their favorite foods
  • Prevent further damage to their teeth and gums

Our technicians craft partial dentures our Fife patients with great attention to detail using high quality materials.

Fife Permanent Dentures


Using permanent dentures can take some time and effort to get used to. Our highly skilled dentist and his staff try their best to make the process easy for our patients. We strive to provide perfectly shaped, properly-fitting permanent dentures to all our Fife patients.

We are also available to answer all your questions and concerns about artificial teeth, including regarding their:

  • Cost
  • Performance
  • Care and maintenance

Contact Brent Nash, DDS to learn more about partial and permanent dentures. Fife residents can call our office at (253) 299-9211 to schedule an appointment.