Root Canal – Graham

Graham Root Canal


Whenever a tooth gets badly infected, there are two options for treating it. One is tooth extraction and the other is endodontics, also called a root canal procedure. To preserve overall dental health, a root canal procedure is often the best option for Graham, WA residents faced with such a situation.

Endodontic treatment is necessary when infection goes deep into the tooth and reaches its innermost layer, the pulp, that has nerves and live tissues. Leaving the damaged tooth untreated can lead to severe pain and also result in further oral health complications.

A root canal procedure involves:

  • Removing the infected nerve
  • Cleaning the space
  • Filling it up with medicated material

Endodontic surgery is followed by the placement of a dental crown to fortify the tooth, restoring its original appearance and strength.

At Brent Nash, DDS, we offer root canal procedures for Graham patients to save their infected teeth.

Graham Endodontics


Helping people with optimal, pain-free use of their natural teeth is the top priority at our dental office. We always treat infected or damaged teeth through endodontics for Graham patients if feasible.

That's because, on top of the fact that a tooth extraction has to be followed by the placement of a dental implant, those implants usually work out to be a much more expensive than a root canal.

We pride ourselves on being an ethical, service-oriented and patient-friendly dental clinic. As such, we do not rush into extractions and prefer providing endodontics treatment for Graham patients who:

  • Want to preserve their original teeth
  • Are concerned about cost
  • Want fewer risks to the remaining teeth or bone structure
  • Are in pain due to a decaying or damaged tooth

Give us a call if you want to learn more about endodontics or to set up a consultation with our dentist.

Graham Root Canal Procedure


It is always advisable to choose endodontic surgery as often as possible. Tooth extractions tend to create several problems, especially when an artificial tooth is placed in the empty space. Moreover, a synthetic tooth can never be as good as your natural one, no matter how nice it is.

When they need a root canal procedure, however, Graham residents must make sure to choose the right dentist. They should visit us to be sure they receive endodontics treatment:

  • From an experienced, competent, friendly and caring professional
  • At a hygienic, comfortable facility
  • For an affordable root canal cost

Looking for a knowledgeable, skillful and compassionate dentist offering endodontics treatment for Graham patients? Call Brent Nash, DDS at (253) 299-9211.