Dentist Office Lakeland Hills

Lakeland Hills Dentist Office

dentist-office-lakeland-hills-waUnfortunately, a lot of people wait for the onset of terrible symptoms such as bleeding gums or painful cavities before turning up at a dental clinic. At W. Brent Nash, DDS, we are dedicated to shielding you from dental complications of all sorts.

Our family dentist office near Lakeland Hills, WA caters to the dental requirements of the people living in the Lakeland Hills region.

When you step into our family dentist office for Lakeland Hills residents for an evaluation of your oral health, our doctor will thoroughly examine your gums and teeth for early signs of damage such as:

  • Traces of plaque
  • Bleeding or swollen gums
  • Loose or chipped teeth
  • Discolored teeth
  • Bite

The routine examination and dental cleaning program at our family dentist office for Lakeland Hills immensely helps in detecting hidden, asymptomatic oral problems.

Lakeland Hills Family Dentist Office

family-dentist-office-lakeland-hills-waOur family dentist office near Lakeland Hills provides you with a large number of highly specialized dental services ranging from general dentistry to cosmetic dentistry.

From infants to senior citizens, individuals of all age groups are treated at the family dentist office for Lakeland Hills residents. Here are a few of the common treatments received at our family dentist office near Lakeland Hills:

  • Extensive dental cleaning
  • Removal of plaque without damaging the enamel
  • Cavity filling for eliminating chronic pain
  • Dental polishing
  • Dental implants

Our dentistry clinic, being one of the best providers of dental services at affordable rates has always been our primary objective.

Lakeland Hills Cosmetic Dentist

cosmetic-dentist-lakeland-hills-waIf you are looking for procedures of re-shaping your teeth, filling in the visible gaps or restoring the original white color, our cosmetic dentist service at the Lakeland Hills clinic can provide you with long-term solutions.

The great news is that you can have a detailed discussion with us regarding your insurance benefits so that there is no need to worry about financial constraints. Have a glimpse of the services offered by our cosmetic dentist experts:

  • Teeth whitening
  • Invisalign braces
  • Insertion of veneers
  • Contouring of enamel
  • Bridges or partial denture

Regain your self-confidence with specialized treatments using state-of-the-art medical equipment by our cosmetic dentist service.

Our team of cosmetic dentists at the W. Brent Nash, DDS clinic for the residents of Lakeland Hills is always at your service. You can reach us at, (253) 299-9211