Teeth Cleaning Lakeland Hills

Lakeland Hills Teeth Cleaning


Looking for a dentist that is skilled at many different areas of dentistry including teeth cleaning? Whatever your dental services issues may be,Dr. W. Brent Nash and our staff will do everything possible to meet your dental needs. Our doctors are not only called upon to do dental check-ups but also to do dental cleaning, fit braces, do fillings, laser services and many other dental services:

  • Teeth cleaning for the entire family including children and the elderly
  • Professional dental services backed by years of dental experience
  • Extensive experience in dental cleaning in the Lakeland Hills, WA area
  • Guaranteed comfort during teeth cleaning procedures
  • Special attention paid to children in our family-like atmosphere

Lakeland Hills Dental Cleaning


Professionalism is an important factor to consider when seeking dental services, and our dental services are considered to be among the best in the Lakeland Hills area. A bright smile can help to give you confidence and our dental cleaning can help to give you that bright smile through our excellent teeth cleaning services. Our teeth cleaning services are cost effective and customers can compensate us for teeth cleaning through a payment plan if necessary:

  • Full service dental cleaning in our offices located in the Lakeland Hills area
  • Efficient and responsive dental services with superior teeth cleaning services
  • Budget friendly dental cleaning to fit any budget
  • Brighten your smile with teeth whitening during dental cleaning
  • No matter the procedure, you are more than just a patient to us

Lakeland Hills Dental Services


We offer family dental services to Lakeland Hills area residents at a reasonable price. We are known throughout the Lakeland Hills area as one of the best dental cleaning services around that offer a myriad of dental services.

Our company works with the five major insurance plans in the country and has Care Credit plans so payments on your dental services can be stretched throughout a 6-24 month period for your convenience:

  • We welcome patients from all over the Lakeland Hills area and surrounding areas
  • Our dental cleaning and teeth cleaning services are available at convenient times
  • Teeth cleaning made easy in the Lakeland Hills area
  • Prolonged customer care from office to home following a difficult dental cleaning
  • Customers outside of the Lakeland Hills area are also free to drop in