Periodontal Dentistry – Sumner

Sumner Gum Disease


Periodontal (gum) disease is a serious condition that can have major health consequences. It starts with gingivitis, where the gums get inflamed and bleed easily. In the absence of suitable gum disease treatment, the condition soon aggravates to periodontitis where bacteria-infected pockets are created between the teeth and gums.

While poor dental hygiene is a major cause behind periodontal disease, several other risk factors are associated with its development. These include:

  • Smoking
  • Genetic susceptibility
  • Hormonal changes (in women/girls)
  • Diabetes
  • Treatment for diseases like AIDS, cancer, etc.

At the dental clinic of Brent Nash DDS, we offer gum disease treatment in Sumner, WA for patients of all ages. Our dentist has been servicing the community since 2008 and is reputed for exceptional capabilities, ethical practices and excellent dental "chair-side" manners.

Sumner Gum Disease Treatment


We advise everyone that they should not delay scheduling gum disease treatment at our Sumner clinic.

Often, people ignore periodontal disease until the problem starts causing severe pain and discomfort. The main reasons for this are their lack of awareness, questions about "What is gum disease treatment?" and their fear that it will be too expensive or painful.

Our gum disease treatment for Sumner residents varies according to the extent of infection. Depending on the condition of gums, our dentist resorts to:

  • Deep cleaning (scaling; root planing)
  • Medications
  • Surgical treatment (flap surgery; gum graft)

Sumner Periodontal Disease


It is always advisable to practice good oral hygiene, keeping the gums healthy and protected from infection.

Still, watching out for symptoms indicating the development of periodontal disease is also important for Sumner residents so that they can get the condition treated before it worsens. These signs include:

  • Bad breath that does not go away
  • Loose or sensitive teeth
  • Tender, red, swollen, bleeding or receding gums
  • Painful chewing and bad taste in mouth

People who experience any of the above-mentioned symptoms should waste no time in calling us for periodontal disease treatment at our Sumner dental clinic. We assure all patients of a careful, detailed check-up for their teeth and gums to confirm if they actually have gingivitis or periodontitis.

Our dentist then follows up the diagnosis with appropriate gum disease treatment. The estimated periodontal treatment cost is told upfront to the patient and the process for periodontal disease is started only after the patient approves.

For any questions about periodontal disease and its treatment, Sumner residents can get in touch with Brent Nash DDS at (253) 299-9211.