Tooth Extractions – Sumner

Sumner Wisdom Teeth Extractions


If you are constantly having a nagging ache in your jaw line, chances are that your wisdom teeth have developed a problem.

You need to see a dentist and determine if they need to be removed. However, finding that dentist that is reliable and experienced and you can trust for tooth extractions can be a challenge.

W. Brent Nash is just such a dentist. He offers high quality services for wisdom teeth extractions for Sumner, WA clients.

You may require wisdom teeth extractions if the teeth are:

  • Broken
  • Decayed
  • Blocking the way of other teeth

You can rely on us for successful and painless wisdom teeth extractions.

Using modern equipment and procedures and offering the best wisdom teeth extraction recovery procedure, we are the ideal dentists to choose for all kinds of tooth extractions.

Sumner Tooth Extractions


Having your teeth extracted is something that most people fear.

However, if you are visiting an experienced dentist, you need not fear. We have been offering services for tooth extractions for Sumner successfully for a long time.

Experiencing pain and discomfort are the things people dread most about having a tooth extracted.

We assure that you will not even know when the process of tooth extraction is complete.

These are the processes followed in our clinic for all types of tooth extractions:

  • Take an X-ray
  • Determine the health of the surrounding teeth
  • Check the root anatomy of the tooth to be extracted
  • Use the required anesthesia
  • Extract the tooth

We provide wisdom teeth extractions and other tooth extractions painlessly and at affordable costs to meet everyone’s budget.

Sumner Dentist


There are several dentists offering wisdom teeth extractions and other services in Sumner. However, when it is about painless and reliable services for any type of tooth extractions, you need to research very carefully and find a credible dentist.

You can choose us to be your dentist in Sumner as we are:

  • Reliable
  • Experienced
  • Reputable
  • Affordable

When you choose us as your dentist, you will know you have chosen the right dentist. We have been providing dental services for many years and have many very satisfied patients. You will find our clinic to be warm and inviting, our staff to be courteous and helpful, and our equipment and techniques to be the most modern and advanced in the dental industry.

If you need a quality dentist serving the Sumner area, call W. Brent Nash at (253) 299-9211.