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Lake Tapps Invisalign Dentist


Invisalign braces are essentially transparent braces to fix your teeth without having to worry about how you look. Are you excited by the idea of invisible braces? Are you an adult who would rather get Invisalign aligners than retainers or braces? Are you looking for a good Invisalign dentist?

Dr. W Brent Nash DDS is the best Invisalign dentist in the Lake Tapps area. He is an expert Invisalign dentist who has been practicing since 2008.

A good Invisalign dentist understands that Invisalign braces or Invisalign aligners need to be placed right, adjusted regularly and maintained well for the best results.

For a good Invisalign dentist who will fix your teeth using Invisalign braces, call us. Choose the best Invisalign dentist for your treatment by comparing:

  • Years of experience
  • Affordability
  • Feedback from previous clients
  • Educational qualifications

Lake Tapps Invisalign Aligners


Invisalign aligners are customized for you and your teeth. An Invisalign dentist will examine your teeth with a dental scan to create Invisalign aligners just for you.

All Invisalign aligners are trimmed differently to ensure that they fit your teeth perfectly.

These Invisalign aligners will allow you to smile without ever being embarrassed because you have braces! To find high quality and comfortable Invisalign aligners in the Lake Tapps area, call us.

When you have Invisalign aligners nothing changes. You can:

  • Keep eating the foods you love
  • Brush and floss as you normally do
  • Stay active in all the things you enjoy

Lake Tapps Invisible Braces


One innovation has dramatically changed how the people with crooked teeth view the process of braces, and that innovation is invisible braces. While invisible braces play the same role as normal braces, they save people from the embarrassment of wearing metal on their teeth.

Many adults and young adults are now choosing to have invisible braces instead of regular braces. Invisible braces are an unparallel technological advancement that benefits people with misaligned teeth.

For those of you who are looking for a doctor who specializes in invisible braces in the Lake Tapps area, get in touch with us.The benefits of invisible braces over metal braces:

  • Less risk to gums and teeth
  • No more torn gums and bleeding tongues
  • More comfortable
  • Improve the overall smile

Looking for a good Invisalign dentist in the Lake Tapps area? Call Dr. W. Brent Nash DSS at (253) 299-9211 for an appointment.