Lake Tapps Tooth Extractions

Lake Tapps Wisdom Teeth Extractions


Wisdom teeth typically start to emerge in the early to late teens. Wisdom teeth extractions are often necessary after that, as wisdom teeth are likely to become impacted in a mouth full of adult teeth.

If you have any questions regarding wisdom teeth extractions, Brent Nash, DDS is here to help. We have a friendly, trained team offering the highest quality wisdom teeth extractions to Lake Tapps, WA patients.

Not everyone will face problems with their wisdom teeth, but our dentist conducts a thorough examination to determine your likelihood of developing problems. Factors that may increase your chances of needing wisdom teeth extractions in Lake Tapps include:

  • Jawbone size insufficient to accommodate wisdom teeth
  • Directions that your teeth are sprouting
  • Teeth eruption causing dental crowding

We will design a customized treatment program and advise on what you can do to speed up your wisdom teeth extraction recovery.

Lake Tapps Tooth Extractions


If you are experiencing moderate to severe pain from a tooth, contact our dentist as soon as possible.

Our dentist can recommend tooth extractions for any number of reasons.

Tooth extractions are necessary when a tooth has:

  • Severe decay
  • Advanced periodontal disease
  • Broken beyond repair
  • A poor position in the mouth

We understand you may have fears associated with getting tooth extractions in Lake Tapps. With our dentist, you can expect to receive the gentle treatment you deserve.

We offer tooth extractions in an environment of optimum safety using cutting edge dental equipment.

Our dental staff is experienced in the latest anesthesia techniques. Tooth extractions are something that our dentist does nearly every day.

We take special care to walk you through the entire process to maximize your comfort level, from your first appointment to the end of your recovery.

Lake Tapps Dentist


Our dentist provides high quality dentistry to patients of all ages, but there are many more reasons why you should choose our dentist to look after your dental needs. Our dentist understands that our Lake Tapps patients have busy schedules.

That is why we do our best to schedule wisdom teeth extractions at a time that is most convenient for you. Following tooth extractions, our dentist provides post-operative instructions so that you remain comfortable and heal quickly. Choose our dentist for:

  • Honest, competitive pricing
  • Excellent customer service
  • Complete satisfaction

To schedule wisdom teeth extractions in the Lake Tapps area, call Brent Nash, DDS at (253) 299-9211. We look forward to meeting your dental needs!