Root Canal – Lake Tapps

Lake Tapps Root Canal


A root canal procedure may be required if the tooth pulp has become infected or diseased due to:

  • Decay
  • Trauma
  • Broken crowns
  • Gum disease

Before the introduction of the root canal procedure (also known as endodontics), infected or traumatized teeth were usually extracted. But thanks to endodontics, a tooth can often be saved from extraction. Endodontic surgery helps to treat diseases that have reached the dental pulp.

At Brent Nash, DDS, we have been safely and efficiently performing root canal procedures on Lake Tapps, WA area patients for many years. We can help with any questions, concerns or anxiety you may have about endodontics treatment in Lake Tapps area. We treat each one our patients like family and work hard to make their dental experience with us as positive as possible.

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Lake Tapps Endodontics


Endodontics is a common procedure that can eliminate the need for tooth extraction. Endodontic surgery effectively removes the diseased pulp from the tooth and, once the endodontics treatment is complete on Lake Tapps patients, our dentist may recommend a crown placement to protect the tooth for the foreseeable future.

Are you wondering, How much does a root canal cost in the Lake Tapps area? We give our patients a detailed treatment plan and estimate of the endodontics treatment before any work begins. We pride ourselves on providing thorough endodontics treatment at affordable prices.

We stay abreast of the latest procedures in dentistry to ensure a quality endodontics treatment for patients of all ages. With us, you can expect your endodontics treatment to be:

  • Painless
  • Quick
  • Comfortable

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Lake Tapps Root Canal Procedure


Many people in the U.S suffer from tooth decay or tooth problems, making endodontics a common procedure today. Although common, endodontics is also a complex procedure, and that is why it is essential to seek treatment from one of the best dentists in your area.

When you choose to work with a dentist who has years of experience as an endodontist, the entire procedure is likely to be simple and uneventful. This will also likely result in a fast and pain-free recovery. We have the knowledge and experience to perform root canal procedure - quickly and easily - on Lake Tapps patients.

Here's what you can expect when you choose our family dentist office for a root canal procedure:

  • Compassionate care
  • Affordable rates
  • Best results possible

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