Root Canal – Milton

Milton Root Canal


Tooth extractions and endodontics are the two treatment options offered by dentists for infected or damaged teeth. While extraction is self-explanatory, an endodontics or root canal procedure typically involves repairing the affected tooth.

Endodontic surgery may be a better option for some, since it can preserve the natural tooth. However, a root canal procedure works for Milton, WA patients only when their infected tooth:

  • Does not have a large cavity
  • Has diseased pulp but is otherwise strong enough
  • Can be expected to last with proper oral care

Schedule a visit to the dental office of Brent Nash, DDS if you want to know if a root canal procedure is a viable option for you. We specialize in endodontics and Milton residents have been benefitting from our unmatched expertise in this particular dental treatment since 2008.

Milton Endodontics


As an ethical and highly experienced dentistry team, our services are aimed at helping people maintain clean, attractive, healthy and strong teeth. We want our patients to suffer minimal dental problems and avoid artificial teeth or dentures for as long as possible.

That is why we make sure to recommend endodontics for our Milton patients until tooth removal is absolutely necessary. Come to us to get your damaged or infected tooth examined and treated if you wish to work with a dentist who is committed to saving your natural teeth.

We also do not want our patients to experience discomfort or pain because of their infected tooth. That's why we:

  • Offer prompt appointments for endodontics to Milton residents
  • Numb teeth and gums properly during the procedure
  • Keep visits to our clinic as few as possible


Milton Root Canal Procedure


We are a service-oriented dental clinic where quality medical services are supplemented with top-notch patient care. People who choose us for a root canal procedure in the Milton area can rest assured that they have made the right decision.

We schedule endodontics surgery only after explaining the tooth's condition as well as treatment options to our patients. Once we get their approval for the procedure and get started, we promise to:

  • Not keep patients waiting for long
  • Interact pleasantly with patients to put them at ease
  • Provide efficient and accurate endodontics treatment
  • Charge a reasonable fee to limit the root canal cost

Visit only Brent Nash, DDS when you need to get a root canal procedure done. Milton residents can call us at (253) 299-9211.