Root Canal – South Hill

South Hill Root Canal


Oral hygiene is usually given priority by all health-conscious people to keep their mouth clean and prevent dental issues. Many times, despite adequate dental care people experience symptoms of pain in their teeth and inflammation of their gums.

This happens due to:

  • The pulp or soft tissue inside the tooth becomes infected or inflamed.
  • Dental trauma, cracked or chipped teeth and cavities
  • Untreated inflammation and decayed pulp
  • Negligence causing abscess formation and bone loss

Dr. W. Brent Nash, DDS, is a reputable dentist offering the best root canal procedure services for South Hill, WA patients. Tooth pain, sensitivity to hot and cold, difficulty in chewing due to the tenderness and swelling of gums are root canal symptoms. We can provide efficient root canal treatment or endodontics.

South Hill Endodontics


Proper dental care is required to enjoy foods and maintain the smile and beauty of your face. Without the proper dental hygiene, you end up in a condition where the intervention of an endodontic trained dentist becomes prudent for saving your natural teeth. Endodontics is the procedure that is conducted to save the infected tooth.

As specialists in endodontics serving South Hill patients, we assure the following:

  • Save the tooth through a root canal procedure
  • Treat dental trauma
  • Perform advanced endodontics surgeries
  • Apply properly the tooth crown

Although a painful tooth extraction is an option, saving natural teeth with virtually painless endodontics remains our first priority. Owing to our expertise in endodontics, South Hill residents have rated us as the leading dentists in the vicinity.

South Hill Root Canal Procedure


We, being responsible and committed dentists offering specialist services for endodontics, pay utmost attention to the following during root canal procedures for South Hill patients:

  • Adequate hygiene of operation theatre
  • Usage of finest quality of dental material
  • Shorter duration of treatment sessions
  • Faster recovery and regular follow up

We perform virtually painless root canal procedures in South Hill. We stay updated on the latest technologies and innovations taking place in other branches of dentistry other than endodontics as well. Our experienced dentists have an impeccable success rate making us the best dentists for root canal procedures. We promise competitive pricing for all our dental services.

Whenever you need endodontics in South Hill, please contact Dr. W. Brent Nash, at (253) 299-9211 and schedule your appointment.