Dental Implants Edgewood

Dental Implants Edgewood


Good oral habits go a long way in protecting your natural teeth and your smile. However, if you have lost one or a few teeth due to poor oral habits or some other reason, you can get dental implants. The latest technology for a tooth implant is very advanced and offers natural looking teeth.

Get in touch with W. Brent Nash, DDS when you require dental implants in Edgewood, WA. We are an established dental clinic and have been offering services for dental implants for many years. You can get in touch with us for dental implants in the following cases:

  • Missing natural teeth
  • Damaged tooth that cannot be saved
  • Experiencing jaw bone loss
  • Sunken facial appearance

Trust us to recommend the best course of treatment when you have any of the mentioned conditions. We provide affordable dental implants giving our Edgewood patients the ability to maintain their facial appearance and smile.

Tooth Implant Edgewood


The requirement of a tooth implant usually occurs when you have a single damaged, chipped, or broken tooth. At times when the tooth is severely damaged and root canal treatment is not able to save it, the doctor recommends a tooth replacement. A tooth implant is thus required.

Rely on us when you require a tooth implant in Edgewood. Well equipped and thoroughly knowledgeable, Dr. Brent will cater to your tooth implant requirement saving you from the following troubles:

  • Difficulty in chewing
  • Pain when eating hot or cold foods
  • Gum irritation from dentures

Whether it is a tooth implant or full mouth dental implants, we carry out our work very carefully. We use thoroughly sterilized equipment to ensure that there are no chances of infection or any other problem.

Denture Implants Edgewood


Getting denture implants might not be your choice, but your requirement. However, choosing the best dental clinic to get the denture implants is in your hands. You want to choose an experienced and expert dental surgeon to get denture implants.

Count on Dr. Brent for efficient denture implants in Edgewood. We have successfully catered to the dental and tooth implant requirements of many patients in the past. After getting your denture implants, you will experience:

  • Better oral health and facial appearance
  • Easier eating
  • Improved speech and self confidence
  • More comfort and convenience

Call our office to schedule an appointment for your dental issues right away. Early diagnosis of a problem carries better chances of being treated.

Call W. Brent Nash, DDS at (253) 299-9211 when you require dental implants in Edgewood.