Edgewood Teeth Extractions

Edgewood Wisdom Teeth Extractions


Looking for a reputable dentist in the Edgewood, WA area who specializes in wisdom teeth extractions? Visit the dental office of Brent Nash, DDS. Owned and operated by a qualified and experienced dentist, our clinic is highly sought after by patients who want to get their tooth extractions done in a quick, painless, and stress-free environment.

Since setting up the facility in 2008, our dentist has brought relief to countless people in this community by performing highly professional wisdom teeth extractions for them. While not all people grow wisdom teeth, some who do are lucky enough to have them come in straight and healthy, without need for removal.

Others are not so lucky and need to have their wisdom teeth removed to maintain their oral health.

This is why we advise a visit to our dentist for wisdom teeth extractions for Edgewood patients who have wisdom teeth that are:

  • Growing in sideways, not upright
  • Sprouting only slightly
  • Developing cavities
  • Causing discomfort or pain due to crowding in mouth

Edgewood Tooth Extractions


Besides carrying out wisdom teeth extractions, we offer our services for extracting regular teeth that have broken, started to decay, or have become severely diseased. Our dentist performs all tooth extractions for Edgewood patients in a very systematic manner, making sure that the procedure is completed seamlessly.

Improper tooth extractions can have serious consequences, such as:

  • Hampered chewing ability
  • Shifting of other teeth
  • Problems with the jaw joint

Those who come to our dentist for tooth extractions can rest assured that they will not have to suffer any such complications after the procedure. We work diligently and give the best possible tooth extraction care to all our patients. Being a genuinely service-oriented dentist, we want our patients to get their lives back to normal after regular or wisdom teeth extraction recovery.

Edgewood Dentist


Having a tooth pulled out can be a traumatic experience, and nobody understands this better than us. At our clinic, we are committed to ensuring the most pleasant and satisfying experience for the patients who visit us for tooth extractions. Whether we serve a small kid, young adult, or a senior, we extend superior dental services and compassionate care.

Choosing us as their dentist assures Edgewood residents of the finest tooth removal services at the most competitive tooth extraction cost. They can expect to be attended to:

  • By a highly knowledgeable, skilled, and friendly dentist
  • In a very hygienic environment
  • With respect and care

Brent Nash, DDS is the dentist to trust for regular tooth extractions and wisdom teeth extractions in the Edgewood area. Call (253) 299-9211.