Auburn Kids Dentistry

Auburn Pediatric Dentist


Your search for a competent, reliable, and caring pediatric dentist for your children in the Auburn, WA area ends at the clinic of Brent Nash, DDS. With us, you are assured of excellent services in dentistry for children, delivered in a friendly and caring setting.

Our kids dentist is highly experienced in offering dental treatment and oral care tips for children of all ages. We strive to provide highly personalized service and educate parents about the correct oral hygiene practice. Our pediatric dentist focuses on the unique dental care needs of every child he treats.

Our pediatric dentist in the Auburn area strives to ensure high-quality dentistry for children. Once you make us your kids dentist, you can be sure that your children will always have:

  • Healthy teeth
  • Good oral hygiene habits
  • Happy, confident smiles

Auburn Dentistry for Children


Keeping permanent, adult teeth in good condition is a vital part of the overall health of a child. Parents should take care not to neglect this aspect of their kids' well-being, and should bring them in for regular visits to our pediatric dentist in the Auburn community.

In fact, proper attention to dentistry for children should start as early as 1 year old.

Come to our clinic near Auburn when it is time for your children to start visiting a kids dentist. We will monitor the development of their smile line, teeth and mitigate problems before they become serious. Our services of dentistry for children also include making our patients aware of:

  • How they keep their teeth healthy
  • Why they should practice proper dental care
  • Which harmful dentistry and eating habits they should avoid

Auburn Kids Dentist


Children usually dread visiting the dentist, but our kids dentist in the Auburn area makes it fun and relaxing for everyone!

We provide kids pediatric dentistry services in the most pleasant, relaxing, and child-friendly environment. From our comfortably-appointed clinic, compassionate staff, mild-mannered kids dentist, to our carefully-designed pediatric dentistry procedures, we offer our little patients everything necessary to alleviate their stress.

Choose us as your pediatric dentist if you want your child to:

  • Receive excellent dentistry advice
  • Receive superior dental services
  • Look forward to their visit to the kids dentist

Are you interested in learning more about dentistry for children in the Auburn area? Contact Brent Nash, DDS at (253) 299-9211 to schedule an appointment with our pediatric dentist.