Root Canal – Auburn

Auburn Root Canal


Endodontic surgery or a root canal procedure is one of the common dental treatments, with millions of people having them done every year. The objective of endodontics is to salvage the natural tooth while treating it for infection.

By preferring endodontics over tooth extraction, patients extend the life of their infected tooth and avoid the use of a dental bridge or implant. At the dental office of Dr. W. Brent Nash, DDS, we perform root canal procedures for the Auburn, WA area residents.

We recommend endodontics treatment for our patients who come to us with diseased teeth that:

  • Are not completely infected and dead
  • Have enough strength to last for the years to come
  • Want to be treated in the most cost-effective way

We pride ourselves on an ethical dental clinic and suggest root canal procedure to our Auburn patients only when it is the right option.

Auburn Endodontics


The ultimate goal of our dental services is to help people maintain good oral hygiene and make optimal use of their natural teeth. That is why we offer endodontics treatment for Auburn residents and also make sure to provide them the best possible endodontics services.

Saving the original tooth is at the core of endodontics surgery. It involves removing the infected dental pulp that contains the tooth nerves or blood vessels. After pulp removal, the cavity is filled with medicine and a suitable filler material. The endodontics procedure for our Auburn patient is completed with installing a crown over the treated tooth.

Thus, our endodontics services save natural teeth and:

  • Preserve their functioning
  • Maintain their appearance
  • Enhance their life

Auburn Root Canal Procedure


Ever since beginning our dental clinic in 2008, we have performed root canal procedure for countless Auburn residents. We believe that we have become one of the most trusted endodontics specialists in the region because of our unmatched expertise as well as a genuinely patient friendly attitude.

When you choose to have your root canal procedure done with us, you receive personalized attention in a very relaxed setting. We address all your concerns about the endodontics treatment and root canal recovery.

Choosing our state-of-the-art clinic for endodontics surgery also assures you of:

  • Minimal time in the waiting room
  • A painless procedure with proper numbing
  • Fast treatment process
  • Affordable fees

To schedule endodontics services, Auburn residents should call Dr. W. Brent Nash, DDS at (253) 299-9211.