Auburn Teeth Implants

Auburn Teeth Implants


We at Brent Nash, DDS provide tooth replacement and teeth implants for Auburn, WA residents. Our services are conducted by a qualified dentist with the support of his highly trained and experienced staff.

Denture implants are widely used for replacing missing teeth. Though patients have the option of getting dental bridges or dentures, a large majority of them opt for the teeth implants procedure because it:

  • Proves to be more cost-effective in the long run
  • Offers more efficient artificial teeth
  • Ensures much easier use of artificial teeth
  • Is a more lasting method of replacing missing teeth

We use high-grade titanium teeth implants for our Auburn patients. Our professionals work meticulously at the tooth replacement process, drilling a small hole in the jaw after determining the precise tooth size for every implant. After that, the denture implants are screwed carefully into the jawbone to make them work as well as natural teeth.

Auburn Denture Implants


The growing popularity of denture implants among Auburn residents who have lost their natural teeth is due to the many benefits the technique offers. Those who choose to get tooth replacement through denture implants can rest assured they will receive:

  • Long-lasting artificial teeth, without complications
  • Freedom from daily hassles, like removing and cleaning the teeth
  • A boost in self-esteem with teeth that do not look false
  • Prevention of future problems, such as tooth decay

We make sure that all our patients are able to enjoy all the advantages that come with teeth implants by completing the procedure with full commitment to quality and precision.

Auburn Tooth Replacement


Our high quality, personalized patient care has made us one of the top choices for tooth replacement services in the Auburn area. We work with the best technology available so our patients are satisfied with the teeth implants we provide them with.

Our staff provides caring support to the patients every step of the way, right from their concerns about teeth implants cost to their experience during the procedure.

Our tooth replacement services always:

  • Prioritize patient health and comfort
  • Strive for 100% patient satisfaction by providing teeth implants before and after results
  • Complete the denture implants in the fastest time possible

Look no further than Brent Nash, DDS when you need denture implants in the Auburn area. Dial (253) 299-9211 to schedule a visit or to discuss your tooth replacement needs with our dentist.